Description: Steady, sleazy, four-to-the-floor light rhythmic electronic dance / house track. Features occasional male voice 'Oh yeah' punctuations, electonic drums & hand claps, synths. Great for Adult entertainment, underworld, night clubs etc. Main mix, underscore (without male voice), 60 & 30sec version

Description: Uptempo electronic techno dance. Catchy, foot-tapping strong electro beats, with a flavor of 80s disco dance. Features all synths and electro percussion with lots of interesting punctuations and edit points. Great for commercials through to pop documentary and dance clubs. Main Mix, 60sec, 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Bright, uplifting dance pop. Perfect for radio and TV commercials, this pop underscore has a strong positive beat with punctuation stabs and modern glitch effects. Starts with a attention grabbing stab, then riser fx, into the main full driving beat. Ends with a riser and logo - various mixes 60sec and 30sec

Description: Hypnotic, modern trip-hop dance beats with chopped vocals and vocoder. Features a strong revolving piano groove with powerful synth bass and electronic textures. Great for visuals creating movement and pace, also for corporate, documentary, commercials and backgrounds. Main mix, underscore, stripped mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Pounding club dance-floor beats written for upbeat contemporary radio & TV commercials. Europop, Techno, Hip-hop style dance featuring solid beats & modern dance synth sounds with lazer style 'whooshes' FX. Ideal for pop dance radio ads. 60sec, 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore mix

Description: Electro dance beats to the Max! Mid tempo, insistent clubby dance with a darker sleazier side, perfect for steamy adult entertainment. Also great for cutting edge fashion with attitude - very contemporary. Underscore version ideal for technical voice-over scripts 7 cutting edge Audio Visuals. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 x 2 & loop

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