Description: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung mantra is very powerful. It connects you to the pure energy of the Universe, giving it a healing vitality.

Description: Background music for computer and video games in the style of Action and Arcade. Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: Atmospheric music in old phonograph style and sound

Description: Beautiful piano and synthesizer theme about the cosmic mind (Looped/Loopable/Seamless)

Description: Mantra LAM is the muladhara mantra chakra. Muladhara chakra is called the root of life. It is located in the base of the spine. Responsible for the life force of the person. It is in the muladhara chakra that the divine power of Kundalini is in a state of sleep. From the moment the Kundalini ascends from the muladhara chakra, the spiritual awakening of a person begins up the spine.

Description: Dreams and sorrows of dolphins in the abyss of the ocean. Music for movies, television and video

Description: On the road in silence. Instrumental. Atmosphere

Description: Background music about the greeting of love

Description: Beautiful meditative music, immersing the listener to the lunar world of beauty

Description: Venus and night. Melodious music for background

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