Description: A breezy and carefree pop track, with Latin reggaeton marimba and drums. A feel-good vibe music for summer, teenager, youth, fashion, style, holiday, travel and cool sunny lifestyle projects.

Description: A smooth and groovy track, with sexy female vocals, sweet retro keyboards, soulful bass, cool guitars and funky drums and percussions. Lovely music for love, sensual, erotic, lounge, fashion and mellow and tender lifestyle scenes.

Description: A funny and quirky track, with different moods going on, from carefree funk to indie grooves to more active and lively rock parts. Useful for all comedy, funny and bizarre videos, pranks and other playful and dynamic projects.

Description: A fascinating and exciting electronic track, featuring Indian exotic instruments (sitar, bansuri flute and tabla percussions). Useful track for cinematic, documentaries and urban contemporary oriental projects.

Description: A carefree and joyful piece, made of bright ukulele and guitar over warm percussions, featuring sweet whistle, pizzicato and vibraphone melodies.

Description: A fresh and inspiring mix of drums and percussions. With elements from modern electro drumming, classic latin and organic percussions, its groovy and hip hop style make it a perfect track for your inspiring, dynamic and energetic videos.

Description: A classical track perfect for your video game, cinematic and Halloween projects, whenever you are in need of a spooky and suspenseful music. Its mysterious and tense orchestral sounds will keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

Description: A relaxing and peaceful chill out track. Its smooth lounge sounds make it a perfect bed for TV shows, YouTube videos and podcasts.

Description: An uplifting and modern sounding intro, with an inspiring mood that will give a positive touch to your corporate and commercial projects.

Description: A soft and easy corporate logo, with warm piano and pizzicato strings. Use it as an inspiring intro for your videos.

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