Description: Welcome to heaven! This is a sound FX that uses voices to describe how angels sing in heaven when one first arrives.

Description: Are you lost in Hawaii? Don't worry...a very cool and summery laid back ukelele track is here to save you! This tune is perfect for summer projects that have a traveling, out of routine concept, or maybe adverts that show beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal blue water. Loopable.

Description: White noise sound effect from a TV.

Description: A sexy and funky blues theme that feels like walking. Fueled with electric guitars and blues solos make this tune appropriate to use in projects that want to show someone cool, sexy and smooth walking down the street or dancing.

Description: A happy Christmas jingle bells audio loop , recorded with acoustic guitar and percussion with a bit a of a country style. Very positive and colorful theme that captures the Christmas spirit.

Description: An intense and angry audio theme made especially for hardcore and intense action scenes. Fueled with fiery electric guitars and epic war drums this audio theme will guarantee you the perfect soundtrack for an action movie.

Description: An upbeat dubstep music theme with acoustic guitars, electric blues guitars and piano. Due to its fast paced rhythmic nature this audio theme is perfect for anything that has to do with dancing, or generally positive projects with an uplifting mood.

Description: Sound effect of a magic wand or star dust.

Description: A sweet music theme with African percussion and melodies that will take you for a journey to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mother Africa.. Use this theme to show a positive and natural side of Africa, the one that it truly deserves.

Description: A very spooky and twisted music composition that is suited in horror movies and themes. The classic instruments used in this make it sound dramatic and evil, guaranteed that your audience will panic!

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