Description: This is an uplifting and cheerful motivational track with soft piano, sweet bells, happy claps, joyful shakers and beautiful orchestral strings. Great for advertising, corporate projects and presentations, although suitable in any media.

Description: Frightening and pressing psychological atmosphere music like in many mystical horror films and suspense games.

Description: Dreamy Island is a beautiful track plays soft upright piano, orchestral strings, sweet bells, pure bass and strong drums. Good for advertising, corporate videos and tv.

Description: Funny and positive music with sweet merry melody reminds children's cartoon movies. Reccomended for TV or radio shows.

Description: Sweet cheerful melody played on orchestral strings with happy bells and claps gonna be a great complement for your holiday or even corporate video!

Description: This is very energetic and expressive track with powerful guitar riffs and driving rythm line. Suitable for sport, action or any dynamic video. It gonna make your project unforgattble.

Description: An uplifting, joyful and powerful motivation track with orchestral strings, pianos, drums and sweet bells. Starts off with gentle strings and slowly turns to the strong moments. Perfect solution for your advertising or corporate projects. Also suitable for tv or movies.

Description: Powerful, expressive and really dynamic modern rock with energy drums, overdriven guitars, agressive solo and pure saturated bass. Perfect soundtrack to your sport, action or other dynamic video. Your project become truly explosive with this music!

Description: "Fresh Morning" is a cheerful and perfectly alive acoustic piece with beautiful guitar, orchestral strings and percussion played in a pretty fast temp, associated with the fresh morning air.

Description: "inspiring Symphony" is a very emotional and soulful dramatic composition features soft bells, pianos and expressive orchestral strings. This music will fill any your project with life and soul!

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