Description: Audio logo with fun melody played with organ and synthesizer. Perfect for short advertisements and commercials, idents, cartoons, animations and more.

Description: Military march sound effect with trumpets, french horns, trombones and percussion. Designed for strategy games, this sound effect can be used for positioning troops, conquering lands, battle calls and more.

Description: Piano track with heartwarming melodies and peaceful vibe. It can be used as background music in various types of media such as presentations, videos or campaigns. The mood of this piece of music make it suitable to be used in productions related to family, relationships, romance, relaxation and similar topics.

Description: Audio logo with synth sounds designed for animated logos, company idents and technology intros.

Description: A modern audio ident with piano and synthesizer sounds. The melody is pleasant and conveys a calming and hopeful vibe. Perfect for corporate logos, company idents, video intros, advertisements and more.

Description: Audio logo with pleasant melodies that resemble those of a lullaby. This logo can be used for intros, openers, company idents, games and more.

Description: Commercial logo with calm mood. Suitable for intros, videos, openings, multimedia, technology and presentations.

Description: Melodic inspiring logo with harp, cellos, piano, chines and synth pad. Great for intros, stingers and animated logos.

Description: A piano logo with a melancholic and expressive melody, accompanied by a cello and light percussion effects in the background. Perfect for cinematic intros, idents, openers and more.

Description: Audio logo with piano, synth pad and percussion hit. Perfect for intros, branding and presentations.

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