Description: A happy and uplifting summer reggae with gentle female voices, guitars, drums and trumpets.

Description: Recording of drumroll - sound fx.

Description: Dramatic orchestral music piece with symphonic orchestra, violin solo and trumpet - yearningly, romantic and melancholic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: Recording of a car: Car starts, runs and makes full braking.

Description: Epic, powerful and energetic film music with string orchestra, timpani, drums and percussion - majestic, belligerent and heroic.

Description: Creepy film music with church bell, piano, scary voices, spooky whispering and synthesizer – suitable for spooky, scary and dramatic film scenes.

Description: A gentle, relaxing and dreamy music piece with percussion, piano, violins and lovely flute solo with panpipes – meditation music of Native Americans and south american Incas.

Description: Lively and powerful music piece with string orchestra - majestic, triumphant and epic - sounds a little bit like celtic music.

Description: A funny music piece with violins and piano - it sounds like a hectic easter bunny hides easter eggs and is suddenly disappeared. This song fits perfect for comics and cartoons.

Description: Happy, peppy, sunny music piece with ukulele, glockenspiel, reggae beat, piano, percussion and drums. Great for all inspiring, motivational and children projects, commercials, movies, videos, websites, television, radio, TV promos, games and more.

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