Description: Midtempo instrumental - a little twang, a little electronic feels along with a supergroovey Drumloop, enjoy!

Description: You guessed it: Another sleazy tune. More funky, with brass and a lot of jazzy stuff. There's even a somewhat fusion part - have fun and explore!

Description: Positive, spacy breakbeat tune with a nice little wobbly bass. Ideal for Jump'n'Runs.

Description: Very sexy funk laid-back stuff here. Sleazy B-Movie Hustler Theme Score. Very Sixties/Seventies. Check dat Resonator-Synthline, Fender Jazzbass and Hammond Leslie cab-Organ. Pure Ear-Dope!

Description: A somewhat Pink Floydish Psychedelic Soundtrack to a non-existing psychedelic Movie (Obscured by Clouds comes to mind...). Kick back, inhale and...enjoy!

Description: Another sleazy, funky, sexy ...ploitation tune. Slow grinding funk. Get down easy and ...shake dat thang now, shake it, babe! :-)

Description: Spacy, jazzy, mellow tune. See them stars passing by your russian space capsule? That's because you are Gagarin - space explorer, Kosmonaut Hero.

Description: Smooth, sexy jazzy theme for making out in a Jazz Bar. Or whatever, wherever. It's in 3/4 just in case you wondered.

Description: A liquid tune, with real drums and a nice deep wobble. Towards the end there are some nice orchestral hits, Beethoven of course. Wouldn't do it for less ;-)

Description: Soundtrack for a sixties Action flick. Manhatten, San Francisco, Canada? Gangsters in stylish cars chasing each other, tires screeching. Hustlin'...

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