Description: A track that can have multiple uses, in an action scene or a trailer for example. Has an strong rhythm and solid sound.

Description: This track mixes orchestral sounds and modern, creating a percussive and dark atmosphere. Brings dynamism through successive variations. Can complement very well any action sequence.

Description: A heavy track very useful in trailers, with some modern synth sounds and electronic drums.

Description: Distorted guitars, powerful drums, and many different ambiences in a song that can be used also as a long loop.

Description: Featuring a powerful choir, low staccatos and dark brass melodies, this short piece can be very useful in trailers or epic scenes.

Description: A track that uses a modern rhythm and add orchestral sounds to create an inspiring atmosphere, with soft piano and violin melodies. Divided into two parts, the second half is a variation of the first, can be used continuously or as independent loops.

Description: An epic short composition that has many changes and atmospheres, with strong and dark melodies.

Description: A theme that transmits calm and evokes feelings, with simple but beautiful melodies, slow strings, and a deep ambience.

Description: An epic orchestral sequence, good for intro or in a battle scene.

Description: Orchestral track useful in battle scenes or intros by example.

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