Description: Short introduction featuring full orchestra and strong percussion.

Description: Beautiful and emotional orchestral piece that evokes the past and inspires reflection.

Description: Powerful and heroic theme, featuring orchestral and electronic sounds. Modern sound, emotional melodies and action packed rhythm.

Description: Powerful and intense orchestral track including electronic sounds and strong percussion.

Description: An epic orchestral sequence, good for intro or in a battle scene.

Description: Featuring a powerful choir, low staccatos and dark brass melodies, this short piece can be very useful in trailers or epic scenes.

Description: Orchestral logo in major key, with a rich classic sound.

Description: A powerful cinematic track with many variations, featuring a full orchestra and electronic sounds.

Description: Orchestral track useful in battle scenes or intros by example.

Description: An epic short composition that has many changes and atmospheres, with strong and dark melodies.

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