Description: plucked synth strings, twinkling bells, and assorted keyboards all flow together and the mood is again steeped in gentility and beauty.

Description: bright, dancey clubby techno track. driving and bouncy, energetic, fun and a little trippy.

Description: chinese new year song with vocals in cantonese. electronically produced asian style instruments and a techno beat. bouncy and fun.

Description: fun, bright, bouncy dance track. progressive and changeable. gets you moving! great workout track, motivational and animated. excellent for a club, dance or rave scene.

Description: techno/electronica track with a steady thumping beat. track begins to change subtly about 3 minutes into it. perfect for a techno club or rave scene.

Description: reverberating struck-gong tone set against flowing keyboards, later joined by lovely chorals and some delicate plucked strings. the music is simple, graceful and calming.

Description: pleasantly midtempo rhythm, gentle bells, electronic instrumentals, and the feel of wandering down a wooded path, exchanging greetings with passing strangers.

Description: male vocals chant to jingling bells into a driving rhythm comprised of many different instruments including bells, koto, tabla and other drums.

Description: ambient sensibility and sparser instrumentation, as asynchronous bells and gongs reverberate over lush washes of synths and chorals.

Description: slow atmospheric synths with no underlying rhythm, evoking a subtle, meditave hypnotic feel.

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