Description: Happy island music, featuring steel drums, upbeat percussion, bass and uke melody. Relax in the sun and sand

Description: The traditional Brahms Lullaby delicately played on an electric piano, solo instrumental, that will lull any baby or toddler into a peaceful, restful sleep. Soundtrack for e cards, toys, etc.

Description: A bouncy trance like disco dance version of the classic holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Fun and happy for the party atmosphere. Some clever fx and a Sugar Plum Fairy quote are mixed in.

Description: The classic hawaiian song performed in a relaxed soothing style

Description: Here is a bright and bouncy modern rendition of the classic well know and loved 90 year old melody that's sometimes called the unofficial state song of California. The guitar lead with electric piano, solid funky bass and R&B drumming gives the song a new life.

Description: A goofy, quirky pop oriented tune featuring cool electronics fun sounds and a steady dance beat. Good for all ages. Happy faces at the amusement fair, carnival rides, sweet and sticky snacks a sense of wonderment family fun adventures at the zoo exploring new places. Radio ready great for all media

Description: A reflective and contemplative soundscape, dramatic in nature yet peaceful and hopeful at its core. World fusion sounds are melded together such as Asian percussion, taiko, gongs, bells, and tibetan singing bowls with modern synthesizer sounds and other western instruments. Useful yoga, film, media.

Description: A mellow and relaxed island tune with a delicious melodic bass line in counterpoint with reggae style guitar hits, sweet and gentle percussion, with subtle kalimba and steel drum elements. The song makes you feel like you're on a beach resort. Great for holiday promotions, cruise boats, island sound

Description: A meditative and introspective track of Turkish sufti music featuring a wooden bansuri flute middle, freely improvising over a steady pulse of eastern percussion and a chanting chorus. For relaxation or contemplation, for yoga classes or themes, new age products, travel documentaries, radio, tv, or internet media projects.

Description: A gently swinging two beat 1940's style Christmas song. Nice backing track for the holiday season. Features lead guitar and flute melody with the vibraphone on the bridge and the traditional swing ending. Four wheel drive and parkas and eskimos. Greeting cards, tv adverts, muzak, elevators and mall

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