Description: Uplifting a driving beat . A real fun track that will keep the audience engaged. Useful for upbeat, young, trendy, chic content and sales presentations.

Description: Heavy sound of ground battle. Drive and energetic a musical composition in style of Hard Rock, which will approach for a soundtrack of films, presentations, video and video games. Live guitar sound. Extreme sports viewing, car chases or a trip to hell and back... guitar,big,bright,classicrock,cool,distortion,dramatic,driving,drums,electric guitar,electric organ,electric piano

Description: Mysterious a tense of exploration / adventure track with driving energy. A magical and mysterious world awaits you. Ideal for TV,movie,comercial,cartoon,website

Description: Romantic , warm, sparkling. TV / Documetary An adventure through the amazon rain forest. Harsh strugles and tests along your difficult journey with lots of energy and exitement along the way. Sad and gentle , this track is like raindrops on the window . Reflective and pensive. With a melancholic undertone. Dark clouds gather above you the winds are rough as the sky rips open and starts pouring rain. You're sad and hollow, slowly walking down an empty road alone,this is what you hear when its raining in the autumn. Reflective and ambient , this thoughtful composition is a perfect background to a thoughtfull picture. Imagine studying raindrops slowly running down a window. Carries a sense of worry and uncertainty as if time is running out and he is running very fast to where she is but gets there just as the train is leaving the station .

Description: This is a moving, electric-themed ambience track. Great for gardening shows, driving shows and scenes, party scenes, summery themes, teen related programes, clubbing scenes, travel programs and closing credits for any program.

Description: The World awakes , the sun rises. An opening of a new day fills your lungs as you breath in the wonder and beauty of this land. An ancient magical land awakes,tension slowly, warm ,sentimental, anticipation. Another beautiful morning,

Description: Fresh and airy this track fills you with a light uplifting energy , imagine a wonderful vacation , relaxing beaches , luxurious yachts . Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track. Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves.Caribbean , mexico, vacation , travel , light . Relaxing at the beach is all you want to do today and this track sets the right vibe for a day in the sand. Enjoy your vacation while the sun is high and bright in the blue sky . Layed back , smooth and warm , imagine a wonderful beach with a cool breeze sand at you feet and the clear blue ocean just steps away. Vacation / Travel / Islands / Hope

Description: Biking in the park,hills,grass asphalt path.This composition feels light and mellow but moves steadily, like riding a bicycle by a river in the summertime. Carefree song reminiscent of someone riding their bike through a park or neighborhood. Peaceful, joyful, romantic and sentimental. This piece would be perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations.This is a track for business and corporate projects, also great for commercials, television themes. Optimistic and Positive melodies

Description: Gaining traction you race forward with cities and landscapes passing you by. Reflective and thoughtful yet tense and driving. Flying or driving over a vast open space is the vibe that this track portrays. Positive and open energy. Modern and exciting meets cool rockky this is all about speed / action . Fast race cars with a quirky sarcastic element. Aggressive and forward looking drive.

Description: Careful and full of wonder, this track is perfect for tv,documentary,movie. Careful and concerned and ambient, this track is full of pensive reflection and a touch of sorrow , great for those art moments in your production. Careful and mysterious , this drama / thriller / underscore is full of uncertainty and dull tension. This cue is the theme to a modern city at night. Careful sound design elements,create a wondrous but tense and brooding atmosphere. Careful and concerned , this track is full of pensive reflection and a touch of sorrow , great for those art moments in your production.

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