Description: Positive light track , very magical and swirling atmospheres.An ambient and reflective underscore. Up beat and positive track that would work under a product shot , tv / radio commercial or opening theme. Optimistic, pop track. Perfect for lifestyle / cooking / comedy / travel / family / vacation

Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion. A strong heroic sports theme Gladiator sport hockey news opening Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good as a background under cars , sports. Fast energetic track , lots of angry dangerous energy , great as an opening or closing to sports / action / cars and anything aggressive and fast. Dancy and upbeat track , opening for a comedy / talk show / fashion style type video. Over all positive vibe , crazy and feel good background track suitable for sports , information / technology / fashion and anything optimistic driving and positive !

Description: Fast, positive,track. Great as an opening or closing to sports,action,cars and anything aggressive and fast. Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy.

Description: Imagine, this track is like studying raindrops, slowly running down a window. You're sad and hollow, slowly walking down an empty road alone.Reflective and pensive track with a melancholic undertone.

Description: An intense organic/electronic tracks , with a driving pulse , and an overall searching / progress vibe

Description: Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other. Factory Conveyor motion, robotic machine. Conveyor Belt, Rollers, Metal, Spinning. Nice for advertisement, DJ's, night club, TV, Radio, Show, Commerce

Description: Latin Brazilian dance!Happy and energetic .Electronic,Synthesizers & Teen/Pop sound,Travel to Brasil movie or in a dancefloor. Motivational Latin Brazil Energetic Dancing Uplifting Advertise radio tv web broadcast happiness festival

Description: Suspenseful drama / documentary type underscore. Pensive pulsating vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law forensic or science investigation / technology / internet / information / epic / searching / epic / aztec. Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. A foreboding and tense track with a hanging sense of mystery

Description: Exciting and positive.Modern beats interlaced with arabic elements This track perfectly translates the colors and flavors of middle east.Arabic ,oriental instruments playing along. Middle eastern / Arabic flavor with a slightly proud and militaristic undertone.

Description: Fresh and airy this track fills you with a light uplifting energy , imagine a wonderful vacation , relaxing beaches , luxurious yachts . Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track. Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves.Caribbean , mexico, vacation , travel , light . Relaxing at the beach is all you want to do today and this track sets the right vibe for a day in the sand. Enjoy your vacation while the sun is high and bright in the blue sky . Layed back , smooth and warm , imagine a wonderful beach with a cool breeze sand at you feet and the clear blue ocean just steps away. Vacation / Travel / Islands / Hope

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