Description: Uplifting a driving beat . A real fun track that will keep the audience engaged. Useful for upbeat, young, trendy, chic content and sales presentations.

Description: Playful and funny comedy music.Irreverent,wacky and a ever so slightly bonkers. Running around,messing around,fooling around,falling about... Great for kids, animation,whimsical and joke material etc.Breezy and earthy introduction creating an optimistic and bright mood.Modern,synth based version. Would be ideal for Tv,cartoon,radio or web based advertisement or presentation.

Description: Introspective melodic underscore played on a handmade acoustic 12 steel string guitar.Recorded with two studio condenser mic,mastered peaks between -5db and -4db.The musical elements of these sound clips,can set moods and emotions.Atomic Junction studio is a music writing,production house that creates music and videos for all forms of multimedia.

Description: Cinematic epic sounding piece.perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations,Potential theme tune for science & technology programs.Good for Corporate, Family/Teen Drama, Documentary, or Romance.Shopping,Family diner,friends meeting,Nice easy style.This composition feels light and mellow. This piece would be perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations.This is a track for business and corporate projects, also great for commercials, television themes.

Description: Bringing together friends and family at the summer cottage. Good times and memories. Gypsy family dance Fun and festive Medieval celebration. Folk dance with lots of cheerful energy. Fast and exciting , this track is great for comedy cartoon chase, oldies , fun, folk , wagon ..

Description: Disaster tragedy of tsunami.Rough and choppy waves crashes everything on its way.Serious, tense, orchestral film soundtrack track. Suitable for warfare, conflict, chase, sports, action, extreme sports..Dramatic, larger-than-life and dark orchestral action piece. Violence, chase, seemingly invincible enemies, huge forces, extreme danger. This track is suitable in action, thriller, sci-fi film, game or other media, or for movie trailers etc. Great for background on a boat or ship in rough seas

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