Description: Chilled Energy in space atmosphere. Mysterious sci-fi soundscape Exploring alien spaceship, hostile planet surface. Fits well for video games, animations, motion graphics, video presentations or demo reels.

Description: Heavy sound of ground battle. Drive and energetic a musical composition in style of Hard Rock, which will approach for a soundtrack of films, presentations, video and video games. Live guitar sound. Extreme sports viewing, car chases or a trip to hell and back... guitar,big,bright,classicrock,cool,distortion,dramatic,driving,drums,electric guitar,electric organ,electric piano

Description: Way through Universe,Cosmos,Ocean.Heartwarming, instrumental. Groovy, emotional track. Explosions in the Sky, Space travel, dramatic exploration, sci-fi black holes,the Cosmos via music. Cinematic,epic,sounding piece.Potential theme tune for science & technology programs.Good for Corporate, Family Drama, Documentary or Romance.

Description: Solar way! Slow, moderated track similar to flying atmosphere. Sounds like a tune for a video,TV,web,slide show. Synth pop vibe.This track is ideal for use within corporate projects, documentaries or productions featuring science or nature.An emotive, yet uplifting electronic track

Description: Ominous dangerous and scary track will work well under a dark tense picture.The earth begins to shake as a fire slowly engulfs the whole world lurk upon scorched earth. Horror / Thriller/Fantastic/ The sea becoming black the black sky opens as tension builds , thunder and lightning come forth to claim the night. The endless battle between good and evil continues. Suspenseful drama,documentary type underscore. Pensive pulsating vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law forensic or science investigation,technology, internet,information,searching,epic,aztec.Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. Powerful cinematic composition.Suitable for action or dramatic scenes in films,games,trailers.

Description: Epic & dramatic track. A grand journey that beholds the vastness of the universe across our beautiful galaxy. this track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, science documentaries, commercials, logo reveals, and also will be useful for sports content and cues, trailers and video game related contents. Way through the Universe,Cosmos,Ocean.Heartwarming, rock instrumental. Groovy, emotional, Explosions in the Sky, Good for Corporate, Family/Teen Drama, Documentary, or Romance.

Description: Dark evolving sound design creates a mysterious mood perfect for a tense horror flick. A scary ambient track with big ominous hits , perfect as a cinematic film score. A last journey away from a place you love is becoming a distant speck in the distance as your ship sails away.

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