Description: Cinematic epic sounding piece.perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations,Potential theme tune for science & technology programs.Good for Corporate, Family/Teen Drama, Documentary, or Romance.Shopping,Family diner,friends meeting,Nice easy style.This composition feels light and mellow. This piece would be perfect for background music,TV, corporate or personal presentations.This is a track for business and corporate projects, also great for commercials, television themes.

Description: Fresh and airy this track fills you with a light uplifting energy , imagine a wonderful vacation , relaxing beaches , luxurious yachts

Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion. news opening Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good an opening or closing to sports / action / cars and anything aggressive and fast.

Description: Uplifting Instrumental track with rhythmicbeat. Great for scenes involving jungle expeditions, safari, adventure, lost tribes, discovering new worlds. Also good for travel channel, natural world documentaries. Running from danger, or hunting the bad guy. Hurry, we must catch the thief! Or... RUN... they are hunting us... RUN for your life! Fight your way out! Perfect for an action scene in a video game or a movie.

Description: Western Cue, and Warm/Family Cue. It's been written thinking about a cowboy who leaves a land.This is theme tune music for the wild west. Think Clint Eastwood in his hey-day; riding mountain, prairie,river side on his white stallion.Track used for TV,commercial,movie,cartoon, website

Description: A dark mysterious beginning plunges in to an intense chase like / trailer / rhythmic very contemporary energetic and tense. A gentle ambient piece . Very positive laid back sparkling vibe giving a sense of hope , relaxation joy contempt and enjoyment . Slightly melancholic yet with a positive mood. Suitable for trailer, commercials, documentary, film score, corporate video.

Description: Great sound design and production.The Future was developed to be an uplifting motivational presentation piece. Stylish,track. New technologies of the future This track is filled with hope and a sense of new beginnings and and bright blue skies in the future. Romantic / Drama / Pictures Future speed progress confident drive fly. Time excitement waiting events future anticipation A very steady positive , strong & energetic contemporary track. Exciting and optimistic. This futuristic track is great for showing the future / innovations / 3d / information and technology.

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