Description: Suspenseful drama / documentary type underscore. Pensive pulsating vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law forensic or science investigation / technology / internet / information / epic / searching / epic / aztec. Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. A foreboding and tense track with a hanging sense of mystery

Description: This music can be useful for War Games Fast active music with elements of shots and a drive guitar. It is possible to use in films about war, in scenes of fights or firing. Also is ideally suited for uses in action computer game. An evil night is upon us overlapped by a dark unholy energy The earth begins to shake as a fire slowly engulfs the whole world and Satan and his demons lurk upon scorched earth.. Horror / Thriller A dangerous orchestral track , portraying a fierce battle.The battlefield is on fire , shells exploding soldiers are in an epic struggle for life.

Description: Dark and dangerous puse playing over a bed of electonic sound design, this track grows and gains energy as it progresses. Dangerous and energetic full of power and negative tension. Atmospheric track carrying a militaristic vibe , urgency and tension. Mysterious and ambient underscore harvesting the powers of the ancient land it paints images of forest and vast fields. Confident battle rock driving challenge power. Dangerous and powerful rock track with elements of hip hop. Negative dark vibe rip-em-up type attitude.

Description: Gaining traction you race forward with cities and landscapes passing you by. Reflective and thoughtful yet tense and driving. Flying or driving over a vast open space is the vibe that this track portrays. Positive and open energy.Modern and exciting meets cool rockky this is all about speed / action. Fast race cars with a quirky sarcastic element. Aggressive and forward looking drive.

Description: TV,commercial,movie,cartoon, website,Circus.

Description: Reflective and thoughtful.This piece sets a feel good.Flying or driving over a vast open space is the vibe, that this track portrays. Positive energy, exciting and cool.

Description: This track with a driven guitar sound,a solid bass and drum groove. It has a positive feel and could be used for various projects such as adverts, television or film.Survivor-ish music that drives anyone to furtherest heights of rock and craziness! Perfect background to xtreme sports or action footage. Could be used in any corporate presentation, extreme sports footage, or action sequence.

Description: This is a moving, electric-themed ambience track. Great for gardening shows, driving shows and scenes, party scenes, summery themes, teen related programes, clubbing scenes, travel programs and closing credits for any program.

Description: Slightly tense yet sentimental and nostalgic. Who will tell you thats right or wrong , what lies ahead , these are questions that no one can help you answer and you ponder under a slightly anxious moonlight sky. The full moon is high in the sky and the creatures of the night slowly emerge from their hiding places. Slow and ambient this track is full of anticipation tension , waiting for the results.

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