Description: This positive, optimistic, energetic, driving track with funny elements, is great as an opening or closing events, speed / sports / fashion.

Description: Playful and funny comedy music.Irreverent,wacky and a ever so slightly bonkers. Running around,messing around,fooling around,falling about... Great for kids, animation,whimsical and joke material etc.Breezy and earthy introduction creating an optimistic and bright mood.Modern,synth based version. Would be ideal for Tv,cartoon,radio or web based advertisement or presentation.

Description: A reflective , ambient piece full of thought and reflection. Watch the days go by as you see your self from a far. and realize that not all is lost and there is still hope ahead, this track reminds you of the days gone by . Good for showing those every day things. Neutral and very unintrusive vibe. An upbeat modern representation of busy city or an intense work day. a lot of positive speed and energy. No way to turn back time and you are faced with the challenges of what life has thrown at you. Upbeat and playful , this is a modern city , lots of people going about their chores. Traffic on the streets on a sunny day. A reflective, piece full of thought. Watch the days go by time is standing still as bits and pieces of your past appear like pale sparks out of nowhere. You feel a sense of pride for your achievements but are saddened that life has passed you be so incredibly fast and its time to let the next generation to take your place.

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