Description: Fresh and airy this track fills you with a light uplifting energy , imagine a wonderful vacation , relaxing beaches , luxurious yachts . Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track. Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves.Caribbean , mexico, vacation , travel , light . Relaxing at the beach is all you want to do today and this track sets the right vibe for a day in the sand. Enjoy your vacation while the sun is high and bright in the blue sky . Layed back , smooth and warm , imagine a wonderful beach with a cool breeze sand at you feet and the clear blue ocean just steps away. Vacation / Travel / Islands / Hope

Description: Funny and quirky carousel wobbling away with hundreds of small kids enjoying the pleasant fun ride . Lots of cotton candy and balloons at the fun fair. Magical and dreamy vibe puts you at the feet of a majestic mountain emerging from the treetops of an ancient forest. You are flying above the milky white clouds passing cities below remind you of how wonderful and easy it is to fly. Positive adventurous mood with a sense of anticipation and expectation.

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