Description: Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track.Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves. Watching the slow flakes gently fall on Christmas morning as the fireplace inside warms your heart and soul. What could be greater than waking up on Christmas . Sentimental , romantic and very family / love oriented composition. Up beat sounding track. Amazingly positive energy ,home , and good times are the staple of this optimistic track. Summer is finally here , fishing and camping season is open , enjoy splashing in the lake with the whole family

Description: Fresh and airy this track fills you with a light uplifting energy , imagine a wonderful vacation , relaxing beaches , luxurious yachts . Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track. Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves.Caribbean , mexico, vacation , travel , light . Relaxing at the beach is all you want to do today and this track sets the right vibe for a day in the sand. Enjoy your vacation while the sun is high and bright in the blue sky . Layed back , smooth and warm , imagine a wonderful beach with a cool breeze sand at you feet and the clear blue ocean just steps away. Vacation / Travel / Islands / Hope

Description: Funny and quirky carousel wobbling away with hundreds of small kids enjoying the pleasant fun ride . Lots of cotton candy and balloons at the fun fair. Magical and dreamy vibe puts you at the feet of a majestic mountain emerging from the treetops of an ancient forest. You are flying above the milky white clouds passing cities below remind you of how wonderful and easy it is to fly. Positive adventurous mood with a sense of anticipation and expectation.

Description: Kait flying In a Blue sky on sunny day,contrast,positive track,that describes flying motion.Happy sounding composition, very calm and peaceful. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash,and All Media.Uplifting corporate instrumental melody,great rhythmic,It builds up to an inspiring melody and can be used in any type of setting.This track is great for motivational introductions and cheerful themes.

Description: Upbeat, positive mood. Happy, celebratory. Travel and weekend trips, holiday scenes, cooking shows, smiling again, feel good commercials, friendships, family reunions,wedding announcement, carnival The typical carousel music,with dangerously crazy cartoon artefacts ! Irresistibly funny Played in rock-n-roll stile,this song evokes images of happy children on a carousel in the summer Drive and energetic musical composition, this will be ideal as a soundtrack of films, presentations, video and video games, also other projects. Live guitar sound. Films, presentations, TV, commercials, website or background support for many of your projects.

Description: The Christmas Carousel is a typical carousel music cue,Bouncy and joyful,in the spirit of Christmas,suitable for children's programs, cartoons,animations, comedy and sitcom.. Playful and funny comedy / slapstick music. Irreverent, wacky and a ever so slightly bonkers. Running around, messing around, fooling around, falling about... Great for kids, animation, whimsical and joke material etc.

Description: A happy, feel good track, that just makes you smile, Innocent, cute and a little quirky.Reminds me my childhood times,School,University, College.. Stylish and Deep Background Music with catchy rhythm. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations, about anything urban, modern or fashion.

Description: This track grows and gains energy as it progresses. This composition would sit well under a 3d demonstration or product design / display. Upbeat and playful , this is a modern city , lots of people going about their chores. Traffic on the streets on a sunny day. Great for presentations,family,good times,excitement.

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