Description: Go out and drive and cruise and explore and adventure and have fun and live life to the fullest with this inspirational calm upbeat music Fun, up beat track with a light synth lead a la Motion City Soundtrack. Good for fun scenes involving achievement or lots of activity. Summer, sun and mood of party – these tunes get under the skin and exude a real holiday feeling. It’s dance music that magically places palm trees and sand wherever it is played, and grooves so deep it makes all non-dancers get drunk on imaginary island air, and dance in the sand.

Description: Uplifting a driving beat . A real fun track that will keep the audience engaged. Useful for upbeat, young, trendy, chic content and sales presentations.

Description: Positive light track , very magical and swirling atmospheres.An ambient and reflective underscore. Up beat and positive track that would work under a product shot , tv / radio commercial or opening theme. Optimistic, pop track. Perfect for lifestyle / cooking / comedy / travel / family / vacation

Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion. A strong heroic sports theme Gladiator sport hockey news opening Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good as a background under cars , sports. Fast energetic track , lots of angry dangerous energy , great as an opening or closing to sports / action / cars and anything aggressive and fast. Dancy and upbeat track , opening for a comedy / talk show / fashion style type video. Over all positive vibe , crazy and feel good background track suitable for sports , information / technology / fashion and anything optimistic driving and positive !

Description: Dramatic film cue piece, featuring orchestra design, carries a sense of worry and uncertainty, uncertainty as if time is running out. It is a sad moody dramatic underscore track, played with melancholic piano. There is beat like a ticking clock. hypnotic, mystical, sad, strange, tense, worry, confused

Description: Fast, positive,track. Great as an opening or closing to sports,action,cars and anything aggressive and fast. Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy.

Description: Imagine, this track is like studying raindrops, slowly running down a window. You're sad and hollow, slowly walking down an empty road alone.Reflective and pensive track with a melancholic undertone.

Description: An intense organic/electronic tracks , with a driving pulse , and an overall searching / progress vibe

Description: Exhilarating instrumental track with a simple melodic line. Great commercial music for TV. Ideal track discribes road trip and travel. Discovery channel. Running through the streets and having a great time. Morning jogging.Moving at a fast pace and loving life. No regrets. Take a chance and live.perfect track for sport and park activity. Hopeful and Motivating tune for your successful projects. Morning cross,sport,travel,ideal for commercial,tv,website

Description: Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track.Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves. Watching the slow flakes gently fall on Christmas morning as the fireplace inside warms your heart and soul. What could be greater than waking up on Christmas . Sentimental , romantic and very family / love oriented composition. Up beat sounding track. Amazingly positive energy ,home , and good times are the staple of this optimistic track. Summer is finally here , fishing and camping season is open , enjoy splashing in the lake with the whole family

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