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Description: Fresh Track for your Projects created with Love and Knowledge. MOODS:, Surprised, Stressed, Mad, Loved, Lonely, Weird, Uncomfortable, Touched, Tired, Thankful, Sympathetic, Smart, Sleepy, Silly, Pleased, Pessimistic, Sick, Shocked, Satisfied, Sad, Rushed, Restless, Relieved, Relaxed, Rejuvenated, Rejected, Refreshed, Recumbent, Quixotic, Predatory, Peaceful, Optimistic, Okay, Numb, Giggly, Giddy, Not ,specified, Nerdy, Infuriated, Indifferent, Indescribable, Naughty, Morose, Moody, Mischievous, Mellow, Melancholy, Listless, Lethargic, Lazy, Jubilant, Jealous, Irritated, Irate, Impressed, Hyper, Hungry, Hot, Hopeful, High, Happy, Guilty, Grumpy, Groggy, Grateful, Dorky, Ditzy, Discontent, Good, Gloomy, Geeky, Full, Frustrated, Flirty, Exhausted, Excited, Enraged, Energetic, Anxious, Annoyed, Angry, Ecstatic, Drunk, Drained, Disappointed, Dirty, Devious, Determined, Depressed, Dark, Cynical, Curious, Alone, Aggravated, Accomplished, Accepted, Crushed, Crazy, Crappy, Cranky, Content, Confused, Complacent, Cold, Chipper, Cheerful, Calm, Bouncy, Bored, Blissful, Blank, Blah, Bittersweet, Bewildered, Awake, Ashamed, Apathetic, Amused, Exanimate, Envious, Enthralled, Afraid, Aggravated, Angry, Anxious, Ashamed, Assertive, Burdened, Brave, Calm, Cautious, Challenged, Cheerful, Cherished, Comforted, Contented, Creative, Curious, Depressed, Embarrassed, Energized, Envious, Excited, Furious, Guilty, Grumpy, Happy, Hopeful, Humiliated, Hurt, Indifferent, Insecure, Irritated, Lonely, Loved, Mad, Optimistic, Overwhelmed, Panicked, Peaceful, Positive, Pessimistic, Prepared, Proud, Ready for, change, Regretful, Relieved, Renewed, Sad, Self-confident, Shameful, Skeptical, Sorrowful, Worried, Admiration, Adorable, Affectionate, Afraid, Aggravate, Aggressive, Agitated, Alarm, Alive, Angry, Annoyed, Anticipate, Anxiety, Appreciated, Arrogance, Ashamed, Authoritative, Aversion, Awe, Awful, Belligerent, Bitter, Blue, Blunt, Bold, Bored, Brilliant, Bullying, Callous, Cautious, Cheerful, Clever, Combative, Comical, Compassionate, Contemptuous, Content, Contrary, Cool, Cordial, Covetous, Cranky, Cross, Cruelty, Curious, Dainty, Defeated, Defiant, Dejected, Delighted, Despair, Devoted, Disagreeable, Disciplined, Discontent, Disgust, Distaste, Doubtful, Dread, Dutiful, Dynamic, Elated, Enraged, Envy, Evil, Excited, Exhausted, Exhilaration, Exuberance, Fearful, Fearless, Feisty, Fierce, Flattered, Folksy, Forgiving, Forlorn, Frustrated, Furious, Fury, Gay, Generous, Gentle, Glee, Grateful, Greedy, Happy, Harsh, Hatred, Haughty, Heroic, Honest, Honored, Hope, Horror, Hostile, Hunch, Ignored, Imaginative, Impartial, Impatient, Inconsiderate, Indifferent, Innocent, Inquisitive, Insensitivity, Insightful, Inspired, Intolerance, Intuitive, Ire, Irritate, Isolated, Jealous, Joy, Kind, Kindred, Lazy, Lively, Loathing, Lonely, Love, Lucky, Mad, Malice, Mean, Meek, Melancholy, Mollified, Nasty, Natural, Naughty, Nervous, Obnoxious, Obstinate, Outraged, Outstanding, Overjoyed, Pain, Panic, Patient, Perky, Perturb, Pity, Powerful, Pride, Querulous, Rage, Rapturous, Relaxed, Reliable, Relief, Reluctant, Repentant, Repulsive, Resent, Resigned, Resistant, Restrained, Reverent, Revulsion, Ridiculed, Rough, Rude, Sad, Satisfy, Scornful, Severe, Shame, Sick, Silly, Sixth sense, Skillful, Sorrow, Spite, Stubborn, Sure, Surprise, Sweet, Tame, Tempted, Tender, Tense, Terse, Tired, Trepidation, Uncertain, Understood, Unhappy, Valiant, Victorious, Vindictive, Violent, Vocal, Vociferous, Wary, Weary, Weird, Wicked, Wise, Woeful, Wonder, Worrier, Worthy, Wrath, Youthful, Zeal, Zealous, enough classic, fresh, thy, soft classical, heavy, atonal, classical or contemporary, coarse and discordant, equally coarse and discordant, now grand and somber, soft instrumental, catchy fill-in, seriously morose, equally stylized, vocally extravagant, appropriate triumphant, thrilling martial, such perforated, joyful metal, alien, polytonal, gloomy liturgical, soft, elder, italian florid, barest simple, sooo impressive, french instrumental, grave, far-reaching, glorious invisible, gloriously indignant, loud and heroic, brassy military, romantic-revival, orchestral and ethnic, solemn, triumphal, vocal, faint, important, dim sedate, plaintive, fairy, beauteous and pure, unmistakable new, inspiration--real, drink--real inspiration--real, classical and military, merriest and most ingenious, vocal and instrumental, loud thin, ceaseless harsh, scientifically compacted, basal popular, rowdy cajun, powerful and rhythmic, high-volume, fast-paced, always hollow, airy and translucent, absolute or instrumental, loud queer, brash and impulsive, faint exquisite, beautiful and evocative, prettiest and most talented, skillful, evocative, delicate, melodic, concerted vocal, overhead, ethereal, loud classical, rotten ethnic, subliminal patriotic, faint classical, wild, pagan, harmonious and joyous, wonderfully harmonious and joyous, innocuous and silly young, bloody original, barbaric, intoxicating, esoteric german, mindless, sugary, open, excess, eerie unfamiliar, somewhere strange, rhythmical and exquisite, sorrowfully beautiful, martial but most inharmonious, severe orchestral, inner rhythmical, far-off choral, finer, simpler, cold, insidious, welcome vehicular, extravagant and complex, purely instrumental, still sad, again--mortal, noble austere, low, percussive, full-throated, sweet, barbaric, monotonous, strident chinese, indeed sublime, incredibly dulcet, nonliturgical, human classical, oddly atonal, solemn synthetic, portable synthetic, loud, operatic, softly passionate, temperate common, international contemporary, bouncy, repetitive, preferred classical, liveliest hungarian, strange tinny, tinny, bright, soft lyrical, propulsive inner, swift, intricate, purely sacred, unpopular popular, local immemorial, somewhat harsh and monotonous, low martial, earliest vocal, gay and sad, rude instrumental, weird and enchanting, henceforth italian, refined, piquant, usually vocal, cheap and natural, stately dramatic, dreadfully sweet, pleasing and various, mad, harsh, intoxicating and perhaps immortal, grave and fearful, soft far-off, glad, ecstatic, spirited and warlike, voluptuous, agonizing, composite, dramatic, appropriate and immemorial, dramatic and sacred, eastern secular, gentle but unromantic, weird and pleasant, admirable metallic, personal, passionate, disinterested evil, continually beautiful, mad and rapt, music-vocal, savage, inexorable, wild, african, strange, fairy, instrumental and vocal, solemn and strange, eerie crystalline, harsh brassy, small disorganized, already loud, sweet, fairy, instrumental, sweet and genuine, pure instrumental, adept marvelous, sonorous visual, far-off and ineffable, faint, far-off and ineffable, mostly brazilian, clearly sacred, loud canned, elusive silvery, wild, haunting, contemporary electronic, rhythmic, vigorous, soft and distressing, discordant, hacking, cold, difficult, endless, distant, tiny, irrepressible, strange atonal, exotic, haunting, positive, aggressive, sappy boring, dull raucous, slow, woozy, hard, brassy, open, cajun, strident military, rich, aerial, simple and sedate, far-away, ineffable, own legato, much wagnerian, brassy old-world, vast, harsh, terrible, potent, characteristic and atmospheric, potent verbal, perfectly single and simple, richest absolute, always rich and sonorous, best symphonic, vulgar and ludicrous, deep, awe-inspiring, shrill and weary, longer enchanting, wild fitful, feeble incidental, `incidental, bold and blatant, brilliant birdlike, noble, self-contained, vocal nor instrumental, also instrumental, sweetest and most acceptable, stormy but appropriate, plaintive, doleful, extremely monotonous and nasal, soft and distinct, slow speechless, long and well proportioned, turkish martial, regular and soft, sonorous, vocal, mute, misty, thin and uncertain, demurely sinister, desperately martial, boyish but desperately martial, uncouth braying, white and big, harrowing turkish, pure god-given, necessarily sad, clamorous barbaric, early german or italian, plaintive fairy, old and delicious, forth soft and monotonous, exquisite and enchanting, preferred vocal, _vocal and instrumental, sacred, immanent, slow, striking, sublime and expressive, imitative and descriptive, purely imitative and descriptive, previous, older, sweet, loud, solemn but seductive, sweet barbaric, specially imitative, exquisite unfamiliar, strange and monotonous, commonplace evangelical, strong, luscious, strong, thunderous, subtle but most beautiful, fitful, horrible, real silvery, pleasant but comparatively artless, queer arctic, significant, nineteenth-century, hence vocal, mainly vocal, wild mighty, rude molten, sensitive, abstract, poor or insincere, numbingly repetitive, raucous and numbingly repetitive, charming, sweet and sane, disturbing and incomparable, sick, unhealthy, contemporaneous orchestral, lively elemental, rapid, reedy, fitful and glad, mellow, witching, soft and invisible, vocal or instrumental, practically sacred, classical and popular, low atonal, especially instrumental, quiet classical, favorite martial, pious and mournful, mechamcal, faint but delicious, delightful soft, four-part vocal, faint unusual, sweet, interminable, exquisite orchestral, suddenly military, sweet loud, monotonous, solemn, sweet and devout, thy upland, thin, rapid, own instrumental, distant, discordant, sacred vocal, real tinny, extremely evil, cruelly happy, loud, off-key, much resounding, asymmetrical, compelling, sinuous sensual, high-pitched atonal, incongruously sweet, welcome, welcome, fancy irish, dead and canned, bland characterless, soft unforgettable, new, southern, booming classical, imperial, patriotic, slow windy, colonial flip, grand, earthy, sweetly sorrowful, faint, bizarre, distant, maddening, inaudible burlesque, strange, off-key, constant alien, hauntingly beautiful and sad, slow and seductive, decadent and immoral, bourgeois, decadent and immoral, modern cajun, scratchy distant, free, alive, soft but plaintive, indefinite oriental, awful electronic, latest synthetic, fully tonal, gleechoreal, jagged, discordant, classical and avant-garde, frenetic, bouncy, bizarre, small, plain, unmagical, distant liquid, savage, bright, metallic martial, low moody, soft or plaintive, pompous, grubby, zany electronic, sonorous, delicate, exciting, wild, earth-shakingly loud, beautifully haunting, strange, incessant, sometimes instrumental, soft, unidentifiable, decadent counterrevolutionary, bright and annoying, fine, traditional, tinny, rhythmic, insistent, percussive, far-off tinny, weird atonal, twentieth-century western, usually low-class, voice-over and appropriate, gay and exhilarating, mauve hungarian, seductive, disturbing, also soft and pleasant, excruciatingly intelligent, faint cheery, utter distant, thin, atonal, urgent, insistent, romantic, fanciful, sentimental and martial, thickly melodic, hideous, antiquated, nonstop industrial, frantic, industrial, delightfully pure and tranquil, odd simple, perpetual muffled, grand and welcome, melodious and voluptuous, melodious and spontaneous, gloriously melodious and spontaneous, gloriously melodious, sweetly quaint, superbly mournful, classical or fashionable, preferred bengali, excellent and very appropriate, soft and very beautiful, wild and jubilant, noisy and very brilliant, good or classical, exotic and jerky, martial and hilarious, intricate concerted, sweet sociable, stricter ancient, louder, sweeter, casual open-air, classical, serious, happiest sweetest, spanish, vocal, awfully shivery, sweetest pastoral, enchanting, poignant, loose--national, difficult, florid, present, sacred, such antiphonal, continental mythical, distant sweet, creepy, incidental, considerable choral, acrid, sinister, weird korean, softer effeminate, nevertheless grand and inspiring, nevertheless grand, merely irritating and oppressive, associate plaintive, secondarily instrumental, new seductive, solo-vocal, chantorial, absolutely musical, sinewy and feverish, least, happy, shrill queer, passionate spheral, glorious and yet familiar, calm glorious, classic and common, poor or common, bitter thrilling, newer harmonic, pure, self-sustaining, intoxicating and inaudible, evidently sweet, eternal high-class, old instrumental, into--celestial, forth celestial, incoherent and monotonous, furious, grand and supernatural, dreamy and spiritual, gruesome and characteristic, cheerful, melodious, fitting appropriate, french or thy, martial or patriotic, operatic and even orchestral, pure rustic, last, weird, now wild and weird, wondrous savage, fine orchestral, _instrumental and vocal, eighteenth-century contrapuntal, often uncouth and ponderous, graphic picturesque, picturesquely weird, emotionally fitting, low, remorseless, invisible and softest, stern and splendid, allusively witty, keen and exquisitely fine, sentimental and restless, often sentimental and restless, often sentimental, loud, frivolous, fresh strange, exceedingly clever and effective, exceedingly bright and tuneful, admirable declamatory, hush and sacred, purely instrumental or vocal, javanese and burmese, pure irrelevant, mediocre symphonic, glorious pictorial, utterly untheatrical, exclusively consonant, now instrumental, classical vocal, far-away, sweet, extraordinary and individual, severely ecclesiastical, higher vocal, characteristic delicious, classical, heavy, italian, operatic, shrill mysterious, voluptuous and impassioned, with--instrumental, simple and plaintive, charming, characteristic, italian instrumental, often clever and brilliant, weird but vehement, sonorous but ominous, slow and yet passionate, correct but commonplace, grandest dramatic, austere, noble, artistic choral, _antiphonal, absolutely imitative, descriptive and characteristic, sweet and vulgar, ceaseless mournful, terrifying, implacable, little but popular, slow wild, efficient, instrumental, unassisted vocal, operatic or sacred, plaintive orchestral, colored and very characteristic, noble concerted, mellow minor, contra-puntal or harmonious, contra-puntal, music--real sweet, good congregational, good or even correct, italy dramatic, gay, martial, correspondingly alluring, equal and persistent, soft memorial, south strange, faint, celestial, episcopal and jewish, sacred, secular or operatic, grand, joyful, undoubtedly oriental, confessedly programmatic, singularly flat and hollow, sloppy, undistinguished, magnificent and lumbering, mad, spanish, subtle, inaudible, solemn and appealing, lively instrumental, sad, morbid, open, german, organic and teutonic, grand, ever-changing, warm and lusty, --[_rural, joyous liquid, exclusively severe and tragic, exclusively severe, beautifully descriptive, suggestive and poetic, highly suggestive and poetic, imperious triumphant, deaf sweet, contemporary operatic, worthy vocal, lesser instrumental, frightfully quick, difficult and simple, skilled plaintive, instermental, rougher, fresher, supply congregational, expensive vocal, irish instrumental, intoxicating primitive, appropriate instrumental, silent and still sweeter, stern and yet airy, complex orchestral, secular and warlike, monotonous but pregnant, aside instrumental, sentimental and specious, random and uncertain, determinate unmistakable, soft and then loud, blithe, good, liquid quiet, sensuous or purely imitative, noblest martial, ritual, beautiful, high, purposeful, low, mystic, lively martial, dainty, enchanting, quick, intermittent, sane and jubilant, well-known melodramatic, splendid melodramatic, pleasant such, noisy, unmusical, ceaseless and most refreshing, dreadful, stupid, military instrumental, exceedingly fresh and characteristic, strikingly original and full, majestic martial, exquisitely clear and sweet, necessarily monotonous and characterless, eloquent and haunting, wild and not unpleasant, queer and uncanny, stormy, unsatisfactory, extremely powerful and beautiful, peculiar and matchless, slow sacred, melodious popular, downright perfect, boisterous military, savage, rasping, orchestral and incidental, undying comic, instrumental ecclesiastical, descriptive, picturesque, effortless and seductive, especially martial, silvery, mournful, beautiful, fantastic, cheapest and loudest, mute, world-shaking, perfect concerted, eerie woodland, easy-going choral, soft and weird, classical and difficult, finest and most classical, excruciating fine, stormy, wonderful, shrill, wintry, hardly shakespearean, little cymbal, thrilling, far-reaching, noisy and incoherent, low and rather doleful, harmonious and mournful, m-martial, discordant rhythmic, suddenly delightful, ancient exclusive, joyous choral, imitative and theatrical, bad depraved, absolute or symphonic, martial, classical, better congregational, capital charming, delicate and haunting, beautiful and inappropriate, classical and merely academic, expressive, harmonious, larger austere, tangled careless, technical sacred, breezy, woodsy, unaccountably sweet, new and unaccountably sweet, loud and excellent, clearest, fairy, german instrumental, sweetest and newest, fitful soft, romantic sacred, loving sacred, practised secular, truly melodious, vigorous and suggestive, thoroughly devotional, slow and appropriate, much catchy, monotonous, rudimentary, sweet inarticulate, alternately melodious and grand, alternately melodious, cheerful, continuous, dreamy, haunting, inspiring expressive, mostly operatic, serious romanian, noisy tartar, sweet martial, now festive, perpetual and distant, fiercely monotonous, intelligible, inexpressible, exquisite, intolerable, intense wistful, incidental creepy, refined and various, fine and melodious, unable sure, mournful but exquisite, monotonous, hollow, score--classical, highest and most unpopular, spontaneous untrained, splendid, fairy, low, exhilarating, mournful, discordant, german sacred, fiendish monotonous, wicked, voluptuous, gowned, good, liquid and most sweet, dreamy, continuous, merry military, hot, wrathful, also vocal, booming horrible, wearisome classical, lovely cordial, soft and sublime, beautiful but modest, music--instrumental, modern jamaican, vague booming, orchestral and instrumental, wild, hungarian, piteous and poignant, real incidental, fine incidental, capital incidental, contemporary incidental, effective incidental, full incidental, good incidental, modern shakespearian, appropriate incidental, religious and symphonic, trivial, florid, savage, deathless, far-off but exquisite, dreamily delicate, singularly soft and sweet, artistic and thoroughly grand, longer sensuous, strictly theatrical, far-off but incomprehensible, clear, whimsical, latest liveliest, noisy florid, fine sacred, soft and articulate, dreamy, old-fashioned, horrible, metallic, rude furtive, peculiar but sweet, unspoken and perpetual, tentative, subtle and passionate, notably ecclesiastical, forth angelic, slow and sentimental, sweet unspeakable, latest and most weird, exquisite and exotic, national, oriental and primitive, elizabethan virginal, scarce and useful, curious, scarce and useful, valuable, old, earliest woodland, aerial, celestial, slow, fairy, orchestral descriptive, german contrapuntal, poetic and exceedingly personal, quaint thrilling, grandest restorative, fearful, terrific, loud unexpected, incidental dramatic, lyric, operatic or symphonic, definitely expressive, barbaric but agreeable, ear-splitting chinese, chaste and natural, instrumental and religious, forth mad, unbroken and exhilarating, refined national, rough unrehearsed, loving african, serious and classical, poetic, dramatic, new incidental, truculent military, joyous, exorbitant, immediately soft, much instrumental, fierce and animated, thirdly--orchestral, solemn and soft, emotionally eloquent, epoch-making ecclesiastical, symphonic and concerted, quicksilver orchestral, abstract orchestral, noble and ornate, sparkling and original, instrumental and operatic, hideous earsplitting, imitative picturesque, comic conversational, frequently insipid, simple and frequently insipid, noisy instrumental, soon martial, resonant glad, faintly drawn-out, boisterous and vigorous, downright cheerful, later beautiful, equally charming and simple, classical choral, major vocal, unaccompanied, concerted, delightful, soft, passionate and yet fantastic, exceedingly up-to-date, queer semi-oriental, sweet, formal, better sacred, thoroughly agreeable and sweet, newest and lightest, rare pastoral, gallant wistful, noble and melodious, florid passionate, intimate, serious, richer deeper, softer, languorous, shallow and empty, obviously shallow and empty, unclassical italian, absurd brassy, sad distant, meek, incomparable, inaudible orchestral, vigorous and declamatory, divine, triumphant, operatic and classical, classical and intricate, severely classical and intricate, pleasant and ceaseless, sweet or majestic, raucous instrumental, plaintively sweet, fine, savage, weird and pleasing, loud and majestic, sacred but secular, rustic and rude, high and mournful, wonderful instrumental, pure, amber, thin, elusive, eternal poetic, rousing, passionate, inimitable and irresistible, charmingly suggestive, solemn emotional, unheard low, water--inconceivably fresh, blatantly hilarious, wild sonorous, high-toned but sweet, singularly swift and cheerful, doubtfully sweet, delightfully catchy, soft insipid, profound, soft, somber, golden, glorious and continuous, metaphysical and inaudible, noble, sonorous, feeble, sketchy, cheerful and also simple, special or serious, mellow, continuous, last flawless, slow distant, nobler german, generally dry and formal, vocal or instrumental, vocal, modern instrumental, new ethereal, sorrowful, distant, savagely discordant, sweet, dull, brilliant and stormy, equally pungent, strongly rhythmic, classical orchestral, later french and german, mournful martial, wonderful complex, plaintive and mournful, pleasantly bland, weird, haunting, keen, eerie, electronic so-called, martial, high, spirited, european classical, faint, discordant, vaguely martial, sudden, intrusive, eerie, atonal, faint, discreet, incoherent human, perfectly single, particularly devotional, exquisite and various, hitherto muffled, softly merry, joyous or solemn, purely pathetic, ever impressive, sad and ironical, loud and irregular, pre-eminent classical, vocal and operatic, sensuous and sentimental, creepy, shivery, quaint arithmetical, splendid, inspiring, braying, brassy, secular vocal, mere audible, comparatively artless, sweetly silent, artistic vocal, ever harsh, soft, sickening, instrumental or vocal, faint and dreadful, real elizabethan, sweet, sour, more scratchy, little inspirational, soft and gay, lively animal, often sweet, delicious fairy, musically uneducated, low but beautiful, grandest, sweetest, almost monotone, weird and eccentric, simple and grave, early polish, classical religious, beloved and well-known, else invisible, forth heavier, hard, energetic, forth spontaneous, solemn triumphal, harsh and mournful, weird electronic, sour sweet, distant cathedral, dreamy, exquisite, soft, haunting, slow and rhythmic, choral and orchestral, low, atonal, unutterably sweet, slightly annoying, especially italian, silent, spherical, fierce and sentimental, faint but sinister, now grand, angry, tangled, vacant, skimpy, usual, soft, daintily wicked, far-off and unpleasant, soft, baroque, mushy classical, somber funeral, atonal electronic,
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  • Track Number: 1690497
  • Uploaded: 05/13/2020
  • Plays: 16
Cue Sheet Info
  • Writer: Volodymyr Piddubnyk
  • Writer PRO: None
  • % Share: 100%


action, advertising, background, beat, cinematic, clapping, claps, commercial, dance, drumming, drums, dynamic, energetic, energy, engaging, epic, fast, intro, modern, percussion, powerful, rhythmic, sport, stomp, trailer, tribal, upbeat, driving, groovy, lively, joyful, light, motivational, industrial, repetitive, urban, uplifting, bouncy, disturbing, optimistic, playful, reflective, proud, positive, pompous, cool, cheerful happy, aggressive, seamless looping

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