Description: Metal chain link fence. Various rattles of different lengths and intensities. Stereo. Pings included.

Description: This is a low level background that can be raised to the desired level. It consists of a very light wind presence from a remote area far from the city. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Interior, light chatting, talking, laughing, various male and female voices. Mostly young adults. Living room atmosphere. Stereo.

Description: Chattering of computer hard drive accessing sectors. Minimal bg noise. Stereo.

Description: Quiet murmur of Junior High School classroom voices. Stereo.

Description: Good sense of motion. No voices. Varies in speed. Stereo.

Description: Series of deep, still water sloshes. Exterior Black River.

Description: Light morning birds with early morning rain on tree leaves. Stereo.

Description: Interior low pulsing tone of a large Navy ship. Stereo.

Description: City air with distant traffic wash with some individual bys.

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