Description: Quiet, steady room tone, recorded live with no talking or other movement. Good for day or night.

Description: Freight train by from a distance of a few hundred yards, a few horns followed by a closer pass by of the massive engine and then the long characteristic, rhythmic clattering of wheels over the metal train tracks.

Description: Upscale crowded bar with female/male walla. Occasional shaking drinks, glass etc. Stereo. Authentic.

Description: Dream like harmonic tone. Feeling of loss.

Description: Slow distant waves crash on the shore. Hint of sea wind. Harmonic tone towards the end. Stereo.

Description: Subtle fairly smooth wind with gentle overtones. Stereo.

Description: Fire battalion headed for a major fire. Distant hilltop recording. Dead of night. Natural lull in recording. No loops. Bonus fx: diff location but also recorded from afar: police squadron sirens. Officer down. Field recording. No loops.

Description: 1. Long in passes close by and away. 2. Distant police in stop. Yelp. 3. Fire truck by. Good engine. 4. Police yelping by. Distant. 5. Distant fire/police with start. All new field recording. Good set.

Description: Air fill with a subtle live feel. City background ambience without the details i.e. traffic, birds, people etc. Long take. Not a loop. Recorded very early in the morning.

Description: Long in and by. Great texture. Grinding, washing, rattles. Recorded by a long boulevard. Dead of night. No traffic. Stereo.

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