Description: Industrial branch grinder. Close and distant field recording.

Description: Great texture. Grinding, washing, rattles. Long in and by. Recorded by a long boulevard. Dead of night. No traffic. Stereo.

Description: Interior walla, male and female. Older crowd. Chatting, talking, giggles. Plays as living room gathering in a large house or a restaurant.

Description: Kids chat and talk on their bus ride. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Interior walla. Young people. Male and female voices. Chatty, upbeat. Laughs and giggles. Fun.

Description: Male footsteps walking around a wood room/hallway. Live field recording. Floor has some creaks.

Description: Bustling family restaurant, adult and children voices, mostly Spanish, dishes clacking. Stereo.

Description: Interior, light chatting, talking, laughing, various male and female voices. Mostly young adults. Living room atmosphere. Stereo.

Description: Many textured downpour. Recorded in stereo.

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