Description: Charming track, classic and cinematic feature, with cello and piano engaged in an intimate, poignant, delicate dialogue. Suitable to create special ambience in romantic or dramatic films. Wonderful also as background.

Description: Slow and hypnotic track, with estranged, lunar atmospheres, Repetitive and reverbered percussions, sax and trumpet dominant, calm and intimate jazzy ambience. Strongly cinematic, ideal for video and particular multimedia projects.

Description: Pop rock track, psychedelic and progressive character, with flavors of Indian music. Wonderful sitar at the beginning and end of the song, while the central part develops a majestic symphonic pop rock. Suitable for clips, movies, documentaries, as the theme song or sound commentary for particular scenes.

Description: The text is of an Irish poet of the XIX century, William Allingham (in public domain). Dark and evocative atmosphere in these verses, of clear romantic matrix. Wonderful sountrack, full of suggestions and magic, suitable to your best media projects, films and videos.

Description: "Mira sidera clara lumina coeli. Mira sidera coeli spectaculum mysteri. Cadunt sidera Lacrimae mundi" I have put in music these my few verses in Latin, to celebrate the majesty of the night sky and shooting stars. This is a complex and powerful suite. Perfect soundtrack to accompany movies very long also, with a magical, majestic and hypnotical atmosphere.

Description: Beats and psychedelic pulations, spatial atmosphere in this track. Great ambience. Suitable for all projects require an evocative and ethereal underscore.

Description: Intimate and delicate oriental perfumes. Violin that stands on a gentle and relaxing carpet of sounds . Suitable for home video, documentaries, advertising and presentation

Description: Majestic, intimate and poignant track. Classical style, sublime underscore for your projects, background in public places and films.

Description: Majestic, intimate and poignant track, slow time. Sublime and intense orchestral strings underscore for your projects and films.

Description: Lively track, with a classical and bright instrumentation. Parodic and childish carachter for Christmas, Halloween and all projects that require a cinematic, emotional and playful underscore.

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