Description: A light-hearted tune with vibraphone lead and jazzy drums. Slightly sneaky and full of fun, it has style and panache. Suggestive of a jewel thief or a bungling Police detective, it flows beautifully with slight drama and a neat, clean feel.

Description: A dark and moody electronic soundscape, suggesting things unseen and imminent danger. Atmospheric, with eerie swells and tense, moving strings. Full of suspense and other world qualities. Flowing inevitably forwards with apprehension and anxiety.

Description: Bold, commanding tech riff over a sharp, snappy beat and overlaid with a powerful rhythmic synth part. Tension and attitude flows, and the track soars gracefully with a majestic raw energy. Suspenseful, high tech and catchy, ideal for hot product launch or promo.

Description: A world music style background piece incorporating instruments and musical influences from various geographical areas. Rhythmic and interesting with a constant progression. Dynamic movement through different moods, ideal for travel, vacation or global products.

Description: Percussive bed useful as a background piece, rhythmic and sharp. With purpose and energy, it is ideal as an underlay for a news or sports bulletin, commanding attention without becoming distracting. Alluring, with a mature and determined feel.

Description: A cinematic, moody piece with orchestral and synth elements. Tense synthesizer parts sit under moving strings, suggesting awareness, suspense, danger and imminent action. Low tension.

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