Description: Upbeat, powerful modern Pop/ Hip Hop track with driving beat and cool, catchy synths.

Description: Mellow, relaxing modern Pop/R&B ballad. Solid groove and quirky, catchy synths.

Description: Hip modern teenage Pop/ Hip Hop/ R&B track with solid groove, catchy synths and vocal samples.

Description: Alternative Rock track with solid drum/Bass groove and electric guitars. Very atmospheric chorus section.

Description: Bluesy, ambient solo electric guitar piece. Very raw and abstract.

Description: Popular solo harpsichord classical piece composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Description: Popular classical piece for harpsichord composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Description: Solid drum and bass groove with orchestral instruments. Gothic, dramatic atmosphere.

Description: Uplifting, carefree acoustic folk/pop track with acoustic guitars, piano, cello and percussion. Happy, feel good atmosphere.

Description: Powerful, edgy hard alternative rock track with male vocals in chorus section. Driving drum and bass groove with distorted guitars. Sure to get ya rockin!

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