Description: world/electronic chinese koto playing melody with synth/electronic elements.

Description: funky/jazzy/dance-type beat, real nice groove to it, one of my favorites--even has a small harmonica in it!!.

Description: worldbeat/new age with percussion and trumpet melody. electric piano.

Description: light funk/dance feel, flanged horn section and some interesting twistss.

Description: funky/electronic feel with piano solos and a horn section here and there!.

Description: trumpet, piano piece. percussion.

Description: exploration, percussive more active at 1:00/with marimba and electronic elements, acoustic guitar, south american feel.

Description: drone-like, underwater soundtrack, synth elements.

Description: slight chinese influence, urban-sounding with synths throughout.

Description: funky, fusion sound. very rythmic. acoustic guitar strumming, clavinet.

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