Description: Airy drone with overtones recorded in an old stairwell. Stereo.

Description: Female and male high schoolers mill about the lawn chatting amongst themselves as they kill some time. Stereo.

Description: Quiet, clean room tone with some body to it. Recorded in a hotel room but has wide use.

Description: Train pass by with fat horn. Followed by more blasts as it tails away. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Traffic, voices, movement, horns. Busy. Stereo.

Description: Modern microfiche machine. Various sounds including scanning, stop, go, pause, winding etc. Mono.

Description: Many textured downpour. Recorded in stereo.

Description: Good sense of motion. No voices. Varies in speed. Stereo.

Description: HD quality train by close with in and away. Long wheel clatter. Stereo.

Description: Recorded at a pristine lake, this version is slightly more distant, has a bit more depth and seems slightly more complex. Can be used as a beach side water lap or perhaps the tips of ocean waves. Stereo.

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