Description: Metal stamper plunger action.

Description: Powerful single laser blast. Stereo.

Description: Powerful single laser blast. Stereo.

Description: Long juicy splurt. Alter pitch for your effect if necessary.

Description: Quick, tight, spark explosion with bass enhancement. Stereo.

Description: Single seagull cry. With a squawk. At a distance but not too much ambiance. Good and clean. At the lake. But no water sound. Stereo. Field recording. Part of a series. This one on the ground but could also be in flight.

Description: Whirring Fx for scanning or scrolling graphics that blur by at rapid speed.

Description: Smash hit on wood. No breaking. 1x

Description: End sound for a sweep, whoosh, pan, wipe etc. Good for graphics, cgi, live action and animation. Stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Super Fast whoosh for wipes and other transitions or as end tag sound for cgi, animation, graphics and live action. Multilayered. Stereo.

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