Description: A formidable high tech orchestra ushers forth the unstoppable powers of destiny. Dynamic action music designed for extreme sports, championship playoffs, modern warfare, video games, epic drama, corporate branding and movie trailers.

Description: Epic dramatic music reflecting the mystique and awesome wonders of the Middle East. Features an ambient choir adding a mystical atmosphere to a land of exotic enchantment.

Description: jazzy retro lounge arrangement of the traditional yuletide carol angels we have heard on high.

Description: Glitzy pop track with a Madonna-like vibe. Stylish and cool reflecting an upscale lifestyle groove. Think luxury cars, fashion models and modern advertising.

Description: A chorus of angelic voices provides a heavenly musical atmosphere for divine worship. Epic dramatic music of Biblical Proportions reflecting the glory and wonder of the universe.

Description: Strange and outlandish cinematic music reflecting the hideous movements of a grotesque bug. Imagine a disgusting insect-like creature invading a serene nocturnal dreamland and creeping into your bed!

Description: Deeply expressive cinematic music reflecting a haunted world filled with dark secrets and unsolved mysteries. Designed for murder mysteries, crime dramas, forensic investigations and documentaries. Masterful chamber orchestra evoking saddened feelings of loss and loneliness. Profound melancholy.

Description: Classic Hollywood 1960’s Pop with Lounge, Kitsch and Tijuana Brass flavorings.

Description: Dramatic underscore with a mysterious vibe featuring an ultra modern high tech arrangement in the style and tradition of the CSI TV shows. Designed for forensic crime dramas, investigative reports, reality TV shows, industrial trade shows, corporate branding, upscale advertising and luxury cars.

Description: Wondrous masterful music reflecting the Creation and the original bringing into existence of the Garden of Eden. An orchestral rendering of the awe and splendor of the first day in Paradise. Take a magical journey to a Shangri-La of musical delights and sonic amazement.

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