Description: Kraftwerk sounding drum track with beautiful sounds keeping the song appealing positive and ear friendly .

Description: Tough attitude drum driven track with hard funky drums and slick fills .

Description: Dreamy type track with airy voice effects .

Description: I wrote this song in light of a favorite commercial , it has curious appealing textures ..

Description: A Latin warm up gently delivered .

Description: This track begins at a sexy 70 BPM then shoots to 140 , very original full of emotions .

Description: A simple pretty feel good track easy going because of sweet guitars and piano overtones with energy because of the drums , the pads keeps the elements as one .

Description: This track gets me ready to move and fast , tights drums , percussion and fills that make sharp turns

Description: An original intense inspiring curious intro leading into a fun marriage of sounds

Description: A cool uplifting drum beat with cool fills .

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