Description: Small Studio Audience: Gradeschool Children: Applause And Cheer Applauding & Clapping Crowds;Cheering Small Indoor Crowds;Children Only Crowds

Description: Heavy Low Thud Impact Thuds, Thumps & Dull Hits

Description: Plane Crashes Into Building, Disaster Airplane Crashes

Description: Power Down Spacecraft Interiors, Engines & Rumbles

Description: Quick Bamboo Swish Swish, Swoop, Swoosh & Swipe Foley

Description: Large Explosion Explosions & Bombs

Description: Ta Dah For: Classic Performance Flourish, Cartoon Comedy Music Themes

Description: Harp: Chord Glissando, Music Harp Music

Description: Cash Register Key With Bell And Drawer Opens Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools

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