Description: Plane Crashes Into Ground, Disaster Airplane Crashes

Description: Heartbeat, Pulse, Fast, Hospital, Human, Version 1; Digiffects; Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment

Description: Heartbeat, With Rhythm, Starts Slow And Speeds Up, Human, Hospital, Emergency, Horror Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Heart Monitor: Electronic Beeps: Flat Line; Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment

Description: Stuka, Peel Off, Whine, Dive Vintage Airplanes & Propeller Planes

Description: Medium Group Of Soldiers Engaged In Sword Battle Soldiers;Swords;Miscellaneous Weapons & Military

Description: High Voltage Electrical Arcing Electricity, Arcing & Sparks

Description: General Underwater Ambience With Pulse Underwater Ambiences

Description: Sword Fight: Two Persons, Heavy Clanks, No Voices Swords

Description: Wind Chimes, Fantasy Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

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