Description: Smooth chilled out jazzy tune with acoustic instruments and groovy bass line and a hint of oriental flavor. Appealing to 30-something crowd, grown and sexy audience, corporate events, automobile commercials, lounge setting, bars, voice over, music beds and more.

Description: All things positive with this groovy R&B medley of synths, strings and sexy rhythms. Lush vibrant groovy and mellow. Perfect high fashion, laid-back urban club scenes for the African American demographic. Travel, beauty products, upscale lifestyle, fashion shows, romantic drama & slow dancing. (60-sec edit, 30-sec edit, and full edit available)

Description: Contemplative modern day Hip-Hop style beat. Also evokes several feelings ranging from pain and struggle to vibing out with friends. Nice racing hi-hats compliment Kick and Snap combo with bass line. This is a seamless original loop composition.

Description: Nice gentle piano over an ambient background. Nice background to convey new ideas, concepts, imagination, hope and determination. Or useful for luxury car 30-sec spot.

Description: Bold track demanding immediate attention with booming bass drum and cymbal crashes, streamline synth lead and intimidating organ bass line with an east coast style beat pattern. Ideal for sports highlights, indie or urban films/DVD or themes representing rise to power/grand opening/law enforcement.

Description: Angel like flute melody counteracted with a hardcore beat pattern and a menacing bass line. Intimidating music with an edge. Dangerous vibes, sneaky plots, villains theme, corporate greed. Money, power, respect motto. Think background instrumental for urban DVD menus. Movies like Belly. Indie Films.

Description: Dirty south style hip-hop cue with bouncy hi-hats and 808 kicks. Nice for scene transitions or program to commercial cue. Reality tv. Maybe even a logo or ident.

Description: Gritty sounding hardcore beat with hard hitting east-coast style drums, dark piano keys and gunshot effects. Urban style horror with an edge. Nice background music for investigative documentary, hunter chasing prey, evil villains theme or paranoid freaks.

Description: 8 bar 90's style Hip-Hop beat with hard hitting kick and snare underscored by rhodes and video game like effects.

Description: Quirky Hip-Hop beat with cymbal crash, whirling synthesizer, and friendly whistle. Useful for cartoons or scene transitions during reality television. Corny personality.

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