Description: Quiet, peaceful theme, the theme of moonlight. Perfect for advertising something, fit as a logo, and more. Soft music, soft and gentle piano echoes.

Description: Corporate motivating music, for the tone, for good mood, which causes only positive emotions. The music is written in a simple form, there is no surplus, there is only a clear framework. It will help to become more interesting to your project, will give a positive attitude Your advertising, perfectly fit into the presentation, Internet draft, radio substrate, TV project and many other things.

Description: Easy positive and very simple music. Expression of happiness, the Expression of the good mood, the music motivating, inspiring.

Description: Each of us have fond memories of pleasant events. This is motivated by music lyric air light and even cheerful, though written in a minor key. Music is complex size 6/8, but it is treated very easily. Sweet Melody piano and orchestra, percussion and acoustic guitar.

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