Description: authentic b-17 flies by with a mighty roar.

Description: Large jet airliner passes close overhead. Stereo.

Description: Long in to a close engine buzzing by. Tail away.

Description: Package delivery sequence. Truck in, stop, sliding door open, sliding door close, start away. Field recording.

Description: Slow build to a fast whooshing away.

Description: Thick old fashion expressive steam train whistle. 1x

Description: Auto tire blowout from moving car. Pop, air escape, tire rubber slap.

Description: Modern commuter passenger train. Four steam type whistle blows of varying length. Minimal to absent engine sound. The train is receding in the distance. Stereo. Recorded at a distance in an urban area but the whistles are fairly clean of background noises. Part of a series.

Description: Clean recording of military type helicopter blades popping air as it is incoming or flying by. Stereo.

Description: Exterior small car starts, engine revs and drives quickly away.

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