Description: Steam Train, By; Steam Train By, Low Rumble, Long Whistle Blasts, Doppler, Bell Clangs, Rail Noise In And Away.

Description: Sailing Ship; Creaking with Sea Crashes; Sailing Ship Gentle Creaks And Sea With Some Seagulls.

Description: Apache Helicopters x3 By Fast Right, Left.

Description: Go Kart; Start Of Race / Revs / Away ( Several ), Cu Go Karts Revving, Go Karts Take Off For The Start Of The Race, Shot Cu From Behind The Starting Line.

Description: Ship; Engine Room; Ships Engine Room. Heavy Rhythmic Pistons.

Description: Harley starts, idles, revs and shuts off. Vehicles, Motorcycle Harley, Start Engine, Motor.

Description: Bus; By; London Bus Up From Mid Shot And Past.

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