Description: Short in to slow close descent. Then touch down on landing platform. Engine slowly spins down.

Description: Series of various train whistles and horns recorded with distance. stereo. Part 2 of a series.

Description: Freight train by from a distance of a few hundred yards, a few horns followed by a closer pass by of the massive engine and then the long characteristic, rhythmic clattering of wheels over the metal train tracks.

Description: Small news or police helicopter circles overhead in the medium distance. Urban environment. Stereo.

Description: Inflight on board a vintage prop plane. Various engine sounds. Realtime.

Description: Over 2 minutes of a series of different train whistles. Pick the one that suits your background.

Description: Inside the cockpit of a WW2 single prop plane. Starts soft as plane begins to take off. Builds to a roar as it leaves the runway then steadies as it cruises in flight.

Description: Train speeds by. Close HQ mics. Powerful. Distinct trail away clacking. Stereo.

Description: 1 min 50 sec city traffic bed with distinct car by movement. Stereo.

Description: Sound of auto tire humming on pavement with some surreal elements. Stereo.

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