Description: Nascar Racing; Start Ambience, Pa Race Announcer ?3, 2, 1, Gentlemen Start Your Engines, All Cars Start Up, Rev, Shot Cu From The Start / Finish Line. ( 5 / 8 Mile Oval Track ) .

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Car engine sputtering.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO SKIDS: Car skid, short skid.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Car running out of gas.

Description: Helicopter By, Huey, Long Approach & Away, Medium Speed.

Description: Train Horn Distant; Train Horn Blasts With Rail Clicks Steady In Distance.

Description: Large jet comes in to land with tire screech ( touch down in front of mic.). reverse thrust.

Description: UH-1 Huey: In Flight. Heavy Prop Definition. Stereo.

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