Description: Car, Medium Size, Drives Off, Fast, On Gravel; Digiffects; Car Drive Aways

Description: GTS Car; Away, Cu Car Drives Away L / R From The Pits, Shot Cu In The Pits.

Description: Lexus RX - quick rev up and accelerate by, long away, turbocharged.

Description: Lexus RX - moderate speed approach, quick buzzing by, turbocharged.

Description: Sound of: truck driving uphill

Description: Hot Air Balloon: Propane Burner: Medium Blast; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Miscellaneous Transportation, Miscellaneous Sports

Description: 1923 Ford Model T: Ext: Pass By; Car Passes, Antique Cars (Pre 1940), Ford Cars

Description: Int: High Speed Maneuvering Through Bmw Cars

Description: Lear Or Corporate Jet: Pass By And Land; Airplane Exterior Perspectives, Passenger Jets

Description: Small: Landing, Passes Overhead Airplane Exterior Perspectives