Description: Great little sound track I made tonight of a freight train going by while filming a thunderstorm.

Description: Made this during the big snow last winter. Thought someone may be able to use this.

Description: Another great train clip to use.

Description: Made this for all you die hard Harley lovers out there. I love this one myself.

Description: For all the Harley Lovers out there.

Description: Been wanting to a jet flying over the house and got lucky Friday as I was standing in my back yard around 3 am. I love this one as well and use will be using it regularly.

Description: Recorded this while storm watching the other nigh thought this could be used for some sound effects.

Description: This is of a twin engine plane that flew over while storm watching and I thought this was quit nice to use from time to time.

Description: this is a nice clip of a plane passing over.

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