Description: Go Kart; Start Of Race / Revs / Away ( Several ), Cu Go Karts Revving, Go Karts Take Off For The Start Of The Race, Shot Cu From Behind The Starting Line.

Description: Train Whistle with a slight reverb.

Description: Ship; Engine Room; Ships Engine Room. Heavy Rhythmic Pistons.

Description: an m3 with a custom exhaust idling.

Description: Tractor starts then revs with occasional gear grind, more revs then stalls

Description: high quality stereo recording of an old farm tractor driving past.

Description: general road traffic with a good stereo spread.

Description: high quality stereo recording of a powerful construction digger tearing apart the earth.

Description: Harley starts, idles, revs and shuts off. Vehicles, Motorcycle Harley, Start Engine, Motor.