Description: Propeller Airplane Engine, Start Idle Off, Medium Perspective.

Description: Peterbilt: On Board Driving On Dirt. Miked From Tail Pipe And Engine.

Description: Army Jeep: Interior Medium Speed, Low Gear, Steady Driving, Stop And Idle.

Description: Car Trunk Open and Close. Cu, Pop Lock Handle with Pneumatic Lift Struts. Three Different Unidentified Vehicles. Some Key Movement.

Description: Nissan Sentra In, Stop, Idle, And Off.

Description: Van; By; V.w. Camper Left To Right Drive Bye, Braking In Mid Shot.

Description: Sports Car Idling, Accelerate Quickly, Sudden Brake Into 180 Degree Skid, Reaccelerate-exhaust Perspective Left, Engine Perspective Right.

Description: Bulldozer Crane; Heavy Engine Revs And Maneuvers With Piercing Metal Squeaks And Metal Bangs.