Description: Diesel, Exterior: Pass Bys (2 Versions) / Pull Up, Shut Off, Leave Car (2 Versions) / Enter Car, Start, Pull Away / Open Door And Close Car Hoods & Trunks;Car Passes

Description: HelicopterIdle_S011TA.15 transportation, aircraft, helicopter, idle, hh-65, dolphin, loop

Description: Acrobatic Airplane, start engine, taxis leaves, accelerated, following the runway threshold bg environment Aeroclub other aircraft in the background

Description: inside the train, doors open and close, various female voices, train sound, announcement. Doors open and getting out the train. And out the train station

Description: Bell 206: Int: Land, Idle, Shut Off Helicopters

Description: Cable Car, German Rio Janeiro, Gondola, voyage, Station Morro Goodbye the Morro Bahiana, Door opens and closes bg music, Slum

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, taxiing with check list, engine test & warning buzzer.

Description: 2010 GMC Savana,Onboard,Drive,Med