Description: Cars pass by horns honking, blaring and tooting. Second of a series. Stereo.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO SKIDS: Car skids, short arrival with screech.

Description: Digger; Mechanical Digger At Work.

Description: Crane; Crane Picking Up Car And Dropping It Into Crusher.

Description: Steam Train Departure Bell With Steam Hiss; Multiple Bell Rings With Double Clanking, Steam Hiss Constant. Close-up.

Description: Transportation Automobile Gmc Camper 1967 Window Curtain Open.

Description: 2 high quality recorded slammed door closes from inside a Ford Focus car.

Description: Steam Train Whistle, Close-up, Long; Two Big, Short Blasts Rising In Pitch. Close-up.

Description: Bell 206: Ext: Approach, Pass Overhead, Slow Helicopters