Description: Internal ambience of a Airbus A300 aeroplane flying at a steady speed

Description: The siren on a approaching fire engine, trying to pass oncoming traffic, Oxford Street, London 2011

Description: Motor bike arriving, running idle and engine off. Yamaha bike with xs650 engine

Description: Recording of the Royal Flypast during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, recorded from Hyde Park

Description: Ambience from inside a coach (approx 52 seater) late at night, driving up the motorway, with the sound of air conditioning and occasional distant voices

Description: A tube train arrives at a platform on London's Underground

Description: A motor bike / motorcycle starts it's engine, revs, then drives off. Yamaha xs650 engine

Description: A London bus passing by, with the sound of traffic and people in the background

Description: Recording of a go kart track at Blackpool, England. With 2 racers, riding from right to left

Description: General ambience inside a London 'Hydrogen' bus, driving through Central London