Description: Compact Car: Pull Up, Shut Off, Dodge Car Drive Towards;Dodge Cars

Description: Large Wooden Stagecoach: Ext: Pull Away At Medium Speed Horse Drawn Carriages, Wagons And Sleds

Description: Car, Van V8, Drives Off, Passing, Arrives, Fast; Digiffects; Cargo Vans & Vans; Car Drive Aways; Car Passes; Car Passes

Description: Car, Passing, Gravel, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Car Passes

Description: Ext: Pull Up From Left, Slow Speed, Stop, Idle, Shut Off With Backfire, Sports Car Vintage Cars (1940-1980);Car Drive Towards

Description: Single Blast Of Propane Burner, Medium, Fire, Sports Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Military Jet: Ext: Pass By Whoosh Fighter Jets & Bombers

Description: B-52 Bomber: Ext: Pass By Overhead Fighter Jets & Bombers

Description: Large Indoor Cargo Crane: Roller System: Start, Run, Stop; Factory & Industrial Equipment